Good vs. Evil – On Film & In Drinks

Heroes and villains battle it out on the big screen and the bar menu at Regal Beagle’s new Monday Movie Night. Starting Monday, June 25th the diminutive Coolidge Corner restaurant will be pouring specialty cocktails inspired by the characters – the good guy and the bad guy, basically – in the evening’s featured film. Screenings, which include Batman, The Professional, Point Break and Willow, start at 10:00pm. Check the listings below to choose a flick – and whether you’re on the side of good or evil. Call 617.739.5151 for details.

Monday, June 25th – Batman
Drinks: Gotham Knight (Batman) vs. Devil in the Pale Moonlight (The Joker)

Monday, July 2nd – The Professional
Drinks: No Women No Children (Leon) vs. Eeeeveryyyonnnnne” (Stansfield)

Monday, July 9th – Point Break
Drinks: Tikeanu Zombie (Johnny Utah) vs. Wisdom of Bhodi

Monday, July 16th – Willow
Drinks: Small & Mighty (Willow) vs. Twisted Mother (Queen Baumorda)

Monday, July 23rd – Blade Runner
Drinks: Replican (Deckard) vs. Replicant (Roy Batty)

Monday, July 30th – The Big Lebowski
Drinks: Caucrasian (Lebowski) vs. Woo’s Woo (Lebowski)

Monday, August 6th – Alien
Drinks: Sig’s Fig (Ripley) vs. Hurt’s Slurp (Alien)

Monday, August 13th – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Drinks: Junior’s Juice (Indy) vs. The Occult Malt (The Nazis)

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