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Sunday, July 22nd and Monday, July 23rd, eat extra veggies for lunch, because dinnertime is all about dessert. Rail Stop in Brighton is hosting Sugar Rush, a five-course dessert tasting featuring some of the best confectioners from the Boston, Providence, and Portsmouth areas, all whipping up their most scintillating sweets to benefit Bakes for Breast Cancer, supporting breast cancer research. Each night will feature a line-up of five chefs (look for sweet-making superstars like Meg Thompson of SRV, Brian Mercury of Oak + Rowan, Valerie Nin of Grill 23 and Joshua Livsey of Harvest), sharing their favorite dessert along with their inspiration and techniques. It’s $60 per ticket and an optional $25 to up the ante with cocktail pairings. Scroll down for menus and chefly participants and then click here to pick your date (or make your dentist really angry and go to both).

Sugar Rush – Sunday, July 22, 2018

Participating Pastry Chefs
Jesse Jackson III, Fedora Donuts
Keri Anderson, Pastry Chef
Melissa Denmark, Gracie’s Providence
Kate Holowchik, Lincoln Tavern & Capo
Josh Livsey, Harvest

The Menu for Sunday, July 22nd

Strawberries and Cream
Basil, Tomato
Jesse Jackson III, Fedora Doughnuts

Ricotta Cheesecake
Drunken honeydew, black mission figs, wild strawberry, mint
Keri Anderson, The Country Club

Peach Sourdough Cake
Rhubarb, tulsi, sunflower seed halva, bee pollen ice cream
Melissa Denmark, Gracie’s Providence

Coffee & Pretzels
Malted Cold Brew Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate, Housemade Crunchy Pretzels and Caramel
Josh Livsey, Harvest

“The After School Special”
Brownie Waffle, Ritz Cracker Ice Cream, Banana Caramel, White Chocolate Peanut Butter
Crunch, Marshmallow Meringue
Kate Holowchik, Lincoln Tavern; Capo Restaruant

Sugar Rush – Monday, July 23, 2018

Participating Pastry Chefs
Jamie Davis Schick, Johnson & Wales
Brian Mercury, Oak+Rowan
Tyler Elliot, Moxy Restaurant
Valerie Nin, Grill 23
Meg Thompson, SRV

The Menu for Monday, July 23rd

Avocado-Lime Semifreddo
Sour Cherry Sorbetto, Benne Seed Crisp & Nori
Meg Thompson, SRV

Yuzu Cheesecake
Sumac Meringue Cookies, Honey, Almond, Buddha Hand Crunch
Tyler Elliott, Moxy

Apricot “Tart”
White Chocolate, Turmeric Sable, Carrot-Apricot Sorbet
Jaime Davis Schick, Johnson & Wales University

Black Sesame Frozen Soufflé
Raspberry red velvet cake, fresh mango, crispy wafer
Valerie Nin, Grill 23

Taza Flourless Chocolate Cake
Walnut milk sherbet, blackberries, hempseed, anise hyssop
Brian Mercury, Oak + Rowan

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