Free Seeds Federation Dinner

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Fresh, local produce is one of summer’s delights, but the good stuff requires hard work and preservation to grow every year. On Sunday, September 22nd, come celebrate the honorable heirloom and its all-important seeds at Benedetto in Cambridge as they ring in the autumn harvest in support of Bill Braun’s Freed Seed Federation. The kitchen crews from both Benedetto and its sister restaurant, Giulia, will be teaming up for a dinner showcasing ingredients grown at Ivory Silo farm in Westport, which will be paired with small-production Italian wine from Casa di Baal. It’s $175 per person for both food and wine (not including tax and gratuity), and the evening’s profits will be donated to the Freed Seed Federation. Drop an email to General Manager Robert Taylor to make your reservations or call 617.661.5050 for more info.

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