Suite of Sweets at Fool’s Errand

Dee Steffen Chinn Instagram

Don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? Come say hi to the team at Fool’s Errand and stuff your face at their dessert bar with cupcakes, cheesecake, churros, chocolate covered strawberries, little tarts, cookies and more. Chef Tiffani Faison’s third Fenway joint is showing sugar some love with confectionary assistance from pastry chef Dee Steffen Chinn. Once you’re all hyped up on sweets, have a laugh with Improv Asylum actor and local poet (he’s a man of many skills), Daniel Hirshfield, who’ll be writing love haikus on the spot using a vintage typewriter. There’ll also be plenty of craft cocktails, wines, bubbles, fortified wines and apéritifs to pick from if you need a sip to counter your candy intake. This all-standing spot takes no reservations, so keep that in mind with your planning and take a peek at the desserts-only menu below.

Take a Little Pizza My Heart
a dessert bar pizza

Rose Cupcake Wall

Heart Shaped Churros

Luxardo Cherry Love Letter Hand Pies

Cinnamon Gummy Bears

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Mint To Be
a heart-shaped chocolate cookie with mint marshmallow dipped in chocolate

Climb a Mount Blanc For You
mini tart shells served with Champagne and crème de cassis

Like You a Latté
chocolate cups served with coffee cream, coffee soaked cake and chocolate sprinkles

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