The Adventures of Fat Rice

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Tune in to The Adventures of Fat Rice when the Chicago restaurant pops up at Tres Gatos for a cookbook-inspired dinner. Chef and author Abraham Conlon will be at the JP spot on Tuesday, December 13th, joining resident chef Stephen Marcaurelle for a menu of Fat Rice-inspired plates. The restaurant – and the cookbook – focus on Macanese cuisine, a blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese tastes. Dishes like chilli prawns and roasted bone marrow will be available a la carte or as a five-course tasting menu for $90 per person. Arrozo gordo (or fat rice) stars as the entrée with curried chicken thighs, bbq pork, linguica, clams and more. Head over before dinner for a 5:30pm author meet-and-greet and to pick up a copy of the signed cookbook at 10% off. See the full culinary offerings below and call Tres Gatos at 617.477.4851 for reservations.

Charlie’s Peanuts 5
Lotus and burdock root, daikon, sweet soy

Olives 5
Warm marinated arbequina, cerignola, picholine, gaeta olives

Deviled Eggs 6
Caramelized lemon, boquerones, crispy potato

Linguica 9
Housemade Portuguese sausage – olive, ginger, almond, cilantro

First Light Oysters (3) 11
Salted plum, sudachi, shaved foie gras

Chilli Prawns a La Brasa (4) 15
Garlic, chilli, fermented black bean

Potstickers 14
Pork, shrimp and dill

Roasted Bone Marrow 16
Escargot, vin juane, roasted shallot

Whipped Bacaloa 12
Black oxford apples, meyer lemon, pumpernickel

Quail Escabeche 18
Shaved persimmon salad

Arrozo Gordo (Fat Rice!) 35|48
Curried chicken thighs, char siu bbq pork, Portuguese linguica sausage, stuffed chilli prawns, sautéed clams, shredded duck, chorizo, golden raisins, tea eggs and Portuguese olives

Serradura – Sweet Cream Cheese Mousse 8
Guava jam and tea biscuit crumb

Five Course Tasting Menu for Two 90

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