Family Style Meal Kits

Peter Holmgren

If the short days and cold weather’s got you in the mood for at-home comfort food but not so much in the mood for cooking, look to the team at Bambara. Chef David Bazirgan is launching new, family-style take-out meal kits just in time for hunkering down season. Every week, Bazirgan will post the menu to the restaurant’s online ordering platform for pre-order and pick-up/delivery on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. The kits, which feature an array of mix-and-match-able soups, salads, entrees and desserts, are designed to feed two-four people. There’s a $50 minimum per order.

The offerings will change from week to week but whatever’s on the menu, it’ll require only a minimal amount of culinary effort – some reheating or maybe some garnishing – easy peasy! Have a look at the debut menu below and plan on placing your order before 3:00pm on Wednesday for pick-up later in the week. You can add extras from the pantry and wines, too to enjoy from the warmth, safety and comfort of home. Call 617.868.4444 for more info.

Sample Menu

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