Election Day Extras

All Day Hospitality

You can eat all your Election Day feelings with a little help from your friends at the All Day Hospitality Group. On Tuesday, November 3rd, each of their four restaurants is running its own culinarily-appropropriate special so you can reward yourself for doing your civic duty. These extras are available for dine-in patrons so reserve your Election Night table accordingly and just tell your server you voted to enjoy an extra taco at Bodega Canal, one of the award-winning meatballs (the one’s with Grandma’s sauce) at Tony & Elaine’s, a special $5 cocktail at Ward 8 or a complimentary dessert (tiramisu, cannoli, or maple mascarpone cheesecake) after your meal at Ciao Bella. Grab your voting day pal(s), and head out for dinner (they’ll still be counting the ballots by the time you get home) and you can quell all your election anxieties with morsels of comforting goodness.

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