Eat Like a Goodfella

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You don’t have to be a gangster to eat like one – just book a table at Coppa’s upcoming Goodfellas Dinner on Tuesday, September 26th. Call your boys, bring your girl, they’ll make you a table by the stage for a four-course Italian dinner with classic dishes like clams casino, shrimp scampi and chicken parmigiana made by the Coppa kitchen team. Dinner is $65 per guest, with wine pairings available for an additional $35. Make your reservation by emailing or calling the restaurant at 617.391.0902.


Clams Casino  $16
stuffed clams with bacon, Italian bread crumbs, lemon

Caesar Salad  $11
romaine, parmesan, Caesar dressing, croutons

Scallop Piccata  $15
scallops with lemon, caper, butter, white wine sauce

Antipasti  $14
assorted cold cuts and cheeses, marinated mushrooms, cherry peppers


Shrimp Scampi  $16
sautéed with garlic, EVOO, crushed red pepper, done classic style with angel hair

Rigatoni alla Vodka  $14
extruded pasta with spicy tomato-vodka cream sauce

Lasagna alla Bolognese  $15
Wood oven baked lasagna pasta, sauce Bolognese, béchamel


Chicken Parmigiana  $16
chicken cutlet, San Marzano tomatoes, bubbling mozzarella

Veal Saltimbocca   $18
veal scaloppini sautéed with marsala wine, prosciutto, mushroom, spinach and sage

Beef Braciole  $16
pounded short rib, rolled and stuffed with parmesan, garlic and herbs

Sole Francese  $14
sole dipped in delicate egg batter, sautéed in EVOO with lemon white wine butter sauce


Cannoli   $8
with ricotta mascarpone and chocolate chips

Spumoni  $8
layered ice cream cake of vanilla, chocolate and pistachio ice cream with chocolate crumble

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