Dinner & a Movie Deal at Sulmona

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Overcome your couch potato-ish tendencies for a nice night out – chef Delio Susi and Co. at Sulmona are partnering with Kendall Square Cinema to give you a reason to brave the elements, whatever they may be. Whether you’re out on a date or spending quality time with the fam, the Dinner and a Movie deal will draw you out-of-doors with classic Italian comfort food and discounted tickets. Book a table any day of the week between 4:00 and 6:30pm and you’ll have the option to buy a movie ticket for only $8 (leaving you a little extra cash for candy). Warm up with a wood-fired pizza, some homemade pasta or a special seafood cioppino, or refresh yourself with a crafty cocktail like the Nutty Professor (whisky, walnut, apple liqueur). See if you can stay awake through a whole movie after all that food. Call 617.714.4995 for reservations and deets.

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