Date Night on the Cheap

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Don’t let a limited budget suck all the romance out of your relationship – head to Myers + Chang for Cheap Date Night. On Monday and Tuesday nights, owners (and quite the lovely couple themselves) Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang offer a range of different menus for just $45 per couple. The price tag doesn’t include tax or tip but it covers options like the netflix and chilltango lessons and long walk on the beach. Call 617.542.5200 for reservations and woo your sweetie like money’s no object.

Netflix + Chill

Crispy Spring Rolls
swiss chard, glass noodles, peach duck sauce

Smoked Chicken Wings
maple, miso, cashews

Spicy Lamb Biang Biang Noodles
fresh tofu, hot bean paste, chili vinaigrette

Ming’s Market Greens
fermented tofu, sliced garlic

White or Brown Rice

Tango Lessons

Tempura Asparagus
buttermilk miso ranch, togarashi

Edamame + Wasabi Dumplings
chinese mustard dipping sauce

Smoked Mushroom Lo Mein
salted egg, frisée, green garlic butter

Hakka Eggplant

White or Brown Rice

Long Walk on the Beach

Green Papaya Salad
mint, palm sugar, peanut

Red Curry Shrimp + Grits
dill, picked green tomato, lime

Surf + Turf Black Pepper Noodles
beef, shrimp, bell peppers, peanuts

Ginger Scallion Bok Choy

White or Brown Rice

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