Contadi Castaldi Wine Dinner

Contadi Castaldi Instagram

Treat yourself to an exquisite wine dinner at Mooo….Burlington. On Wednesday, June 26th, the most suburban outpost of the Columbus Hospitality Group will be taking diners on a tour of Contadi Castaldi wines from the Franciacorta region in Italy, celebrated for its elegant and refined sparkling wines. Highlights from the menu, which you can see in its entirety below, include Scallop Crudo with Calabrian chili aioli and cucumber vinaigrette, paired with the vibrant Contadi Castaldi Franciacorta Brut. Another standout is the Pan Roasted Branzino served with a “confit” of Provencal vegetables and garlic gremolata complemented by Contadi Castaldi Franciacorta Brut Satèn. This culinary adventure is priced at $185 per person (tax and gratuity not included). To reserve your 6:00pm table, contact Mooo….Burlington at 781.270.0100 or drop them an email with any Qs.

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