Town Meeting Bistro Cocktail Class

Discover the art of mixology and get your drink-making skills in tip top shape for the upcoming holiday season at the Town Meeting Bistro’s Craft Cocktail Class on Friday, November 17th. Led by Mixology Instructor Jenna Debye, this interactive session offers a masterful introduction to the world of craft cocktails by way of an hour-and-a-half-long tutorial. Sign on and dive into the basics of cocktail construction and learn your way around the tools of the trade. You’ll get to perfect your measurements and pour counts, and even have the opportunity to craft one of the Inn’s signature cocktails as you get creative with garnishes and explore the essentials of infusions. Plus, you won’t leave empty-handed; you’ll receive ‘fast pourers’ to practice your pour counts at home. Tickets are going for $120 and can be purchased here. Cheers to crafting the perfect cocktail!

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