Clambake Three Ways

It may be getting colder outside but, thanks to East Coast Grill, you can still experience a taste of summer at their upcoming Winter Clambake. Join the Cambridge institution on Monday, November 3rd when chef Jason Heard rolls out a special a la carte menu featuring three versions of the classic dish. For purists, there’s the traditional style with corn on the cob, kielbasa and a white wine-garlic broth; for heat seekers there’s a spicy East Coast Grill style with chorizo, yuka and a smoky chipotle broth; and for guests looking to add a little Eastern flair, there’s an Asian style version with lap cheong sausage, rice cakes and a spicy lemongrass-basil broth. It will be exciting to see East Coast Grill’s take on an old standard. Definitely worth a trip out into the cold. For more information or to make a reservation, call 617.491.6568.

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