Chef Takeover at Tasting Counter

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Catch two familiar faces from The Table at Season to Taste — chef Carl Dooley and pastry chef Mary Edinger — at Tasting Counter on Tuesday, September 24th. They’re trading in their Cambridge location for a short stint in Somerville (super short — one night only, in fact), where you can order what Dooley is dreaming up for his end-of-season plates and two sweet treats from Edinger. Word is ceviche with corn and tomato, buttermilk biscuits with green tomato jam and cultured butter, cauliflower samosas with pickled lemon yogurt and jerk chicken drumsticks with mango hot sauce will make it onto the evening’s menu. It’s walk-ins only, so plan on stopping by starting at 5:00pm. Call 617.299.6362 with any Qs.

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