Cheer on the Patriots at Rebel’s Guild

Revere Hotel Boston Common

Chef Sean Dutson and his team are welcoming fans of the Patriots (the football team and the old school, no-taxation-without-representation-type) to Rebel’s Guild with a Super Bowl Sunday menu featuring 12 items for $12 each. There’ll be plenty of New England classics, dressed up with a game day twist – you can see the whole line-up below. Call 617.482.1800 for a table or just pop in after 5:00pm.

Sliders & Fries
Two cheeseburger sliders and a side of fries

Basket of Wings & Hushpuppies
Either Buffalo or Rebel’s Rub

Chili and Cornbread
A Bowl of Steak Chili & a Skillet of Cornbread

Mac n’ Cheese
Breadcrumb Crusted

Lobster Bites
Two Lobster Salad Sliders & a Side of Coleslaw

Rebel’s Nachos
Stone Ground Chips, Melted Vermont Cheddar, Pulled Yankee Pot Roast & Shaved Brussels

BBQ Chicken Flatbread
Pulled Chicken, Grilled Onion, BBQ Sauce, Cilantro & Mozzarella

Fish N Chips
Fresh Cod, Fries and Coleslaw

Meatball Sub
Meatballs in Marinara, Provolone Cheese on an Italian Roll

Steak n’ Cheese
Shaved Ribeye Steak, Sautéed Peppers & Onions with American Cheese on a Sub Roll

Lobster Fritters
Vanilla Butter

Grilled Pearls
Pair of Pearl Mini Hot Dogs & French Fries

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