Sushi Unlimited at Empire

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Empire in the Seaport is paving your path to the weekend with Sushi Unlimited Wednesdays. Starting at 5:00pm, maki yourself comfortable for just $29 with a selection of house-made treats like classic California and cucumber rolls, or get weird with an Idaho roll (tempura sweet potato) or the Empire house maki (herbed cream cheese, spicy tuna). Don’t worry if you can’t make it this week—Empire’s got your back every hump day. Check out the full menu below, or call 617.295.0001 for additional info.

SPICY TUNA ROLL, tempura bits, chili miso

RED DRAGON, house favorite, spicy tuna flavors

SALMON & CUCUMBER, mango, yellow pepper, fried shallots

IDAHO, tempura sweet potato

ROCK ROLL, fried rock shrimp, hot masago

EMPIRE HOUSE MAKI, herb cream cheese, spicy tuna

CALIFORNIA ROLL, rolled in Tobikko

CUCUMBER, avocado & gobo

RETURN OF THE HAMACHI TARTARE ROLL, minced Hamachi, osaki soy

SPICY SALMON RICE BITES, seared rice, spicy salmon

CRAB & SHRIMP BITES, seared rice, crab salad, green apple

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