Camberville Beer Dinner at State Park

Remnant Brewing Instagram

The craft beer-loving peeps at State Park are teaming up with the folks at Somerville’s Remnant Brewing for a festive evening of food and drink on Wednesday, March 23rd. Reserve your spot to get in on the Camberville-centered fun and enjoy a four-course menu paired with a curated selection of suds. Remnant’s Brittany LaJoie (also a former Mamaleh’s employee so it’s like a mini homecoming!) will be on-hand to walk you through the pairings and answer any Qs. Dinner, which features courses like crispy fried quail with Alabama white bbq sauce paired with Diamond Lake Double IPA, and a cherry & chocolate tart paired with the Smooth Numerology Stout, starts at 7:00pm in State Park’s hip little private dining room. Book your seat(s) online here (for $65 per person) before they all get scooped up.

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