Seizi Imura Comes to Mamaleh’s

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Matzo and maki aren’t high on the list of classic combinations — the duo can’t compete with PB&J or grilled cheese & tomato soup — but maybe the world just hasn’t yet discovered the wonder of a sushi bagel that only a Jewish-Japanese fusion could produce. Find out for yourself at Mamaleh’s on Thursday, July 12th when guest chef Seizi Imura of Cafe Sushi comes behind the line (the Mass Ave. joint is closed through Thursday, July 19th, so this’ll be your only chance to see Imura in action for a week or so). Head to Kendall Square between 5:00 and 9:00pm for unique specials that’ll come from this unlikely collaboration, along with the delicatessen’s full bar and dinner menus. Reservations are recommended, although walk-ins are welcome — book your table online, or call 617.958.3354. See who else is going on Facebook.


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