Butchery Class at Café du Pays

Café du Pays Instagram

Learn how to breakdown a whole hog with help from chef Dan Amighi at Café du Pays. On Monday, June 24th, it’s all about swine as you get tips & tricks from a pro on the topic of whole animal butchery. There’ll be a reception of charcuterie snacks starting at 1:00pm followed by the demo and then a late afternoon lunch of roasted pork and salad. Your ticket includes two glasses of either wine or cider (your pick!) along with tons of recipes for you to take home (including step-by-step guides for making homemade bacon, a pork fat candle and fat washed whiskey cocktails). You can even snag a goodie bag of some smoked sausage and chicharrones. Spots are very limited and cost $139 per person plus a processing fee — sow, what are you waiting for?

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