Burger & a Beer at Abby Park


Abby Park in Milton knows what the people want. Every Wednesday, they’re offering a dope Burger & Beer deal during lunch and dinner for just $15. Choose between their signature Abby Park Burger, the lamb burger, or the salmon burger, plus a beer and a side of your choosing (truffle fries, anyone?), all for just three Lincolns. The promotion shows no signs of slowing down, but don’t drag your feet—nothing this good lasts forever. Check out the menu below can call 617.696.8700 for a table.

Choose a Burger
Abby Park Burger
lettuce, tomato, onion, choice of cheese

Salmon Burger
scallions, toasted sesame miso aioli, crispy wonton

Lamb Burger
grilled feta, sun-dried tomato aioli, arugula

Choose a Side
Regular or Truffle Fries

Onion Rings

Garden Salad

Choose a Beer..
Any Draft Beer

Any Bottled Beer*

Any Canned Beer*

(excludes Delerium, Well’s Banana Bread)

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