Brine & Smoke Fort Point Food Crawl

Emily Hagen

If you’re resolving to be more economical about dining out in 2020, then look no further: on Tuesday, January 28th, Row 34 and The Smoke Shop in Fort Point are teaming up with two chef dinners for the price of one. Arrive at Row 34 at 6:00pm, where you’ll be greeted by Chef Jeremy Sewall to feast on Row favorites like his brown buttered lobster roll and crab beignets. Following a tasting of that menu, take a short constitutional down the street to the Smoke Shop, where Chef Andy Husbands will introduce his menu and you’ll dive into some of his best barbecue (as well as smoked chicken with Chris Lilly’s Alabama White Sauce). Finish up with dueling desserts from both chefs, and enjoy beverages along the way. Tickets are $75 for the whole experience; sign up here.

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