Breakfast In Bed from Lincoln

The only thing better than a weekend sleep-in is a weekend-sleep-in followed by monkey bread and cinnamon rolls. Satisfy your sweet tooth with bake-at-home Breakfast in Bed kits from the fun-loving team at Lincoln Tavern. Available for pre-order and pick-up Friday through Sunday from 10:00am-3:00pm, these semi-DIY packages are dripping with delight. Heal your inner child (or treat your kids) with the colorful Funfetti monkey bread (for $20) or the cinnamon toast crunch cinnamon rolls (for $20), or both! This menu isn’t about wants, it’s about needs, so do what’s best for you and treat yo’ self (it’s called self-care, people). Pre-order online here before each Thursday at noon and plan out your decadent winter morning weekend comfy plans.


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