Boutique Winery Dinner at Grotto

Chef Scott Herritt, who’s been making an effort to feature more small production wines on the list at Grotto, will be hosting a Boutique Wine Dinner on Thursday, April 20th. The dinner, which starts at 7:00pm, will feature wines from four great boutique vineyards as paired with four courses from Herritt. Smaller batches often mean that these cult wines can be hard to come by, but Herritt’s working hard finding just the right fit. He’s already settled on wines from the Lane Tanner Winery and the Delectus Winery – the other two wineries have yet to be chosen. Call Grotto at 617.227.3434 to make reservations for the $70 Boutique Winery Dinner and stay tuned for more information about the evening’s menu.

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