Lamplighter Dinner with Bondir

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Bondir is springing into summer by inviting some friends over for dinner. On Sunday, June 30th, start your evening at Lamplighter Brewing Co., where you’ll get a brew tour and a tasting to set the mood. Then follow your tour-guide on a leisurely stroll to Bondir, where chef Jason Bond and his crew will serve a summery four-course spread accompanied by more Lamplighter beers. It’s the perfect pairing on a pristine evening, with fresh local produce and fresh local beer, all for $85 per person. Scope the selections below, and get in on the action here.

Dinner Menu and Pairings
Papaya and Melon Terrine, Spruce Ice, Pickled Shellfish
Honalee, NE-Style IPA, 6.6%

Early Harvest Roots, Greens and Grains, Sudachi Kosho
Come Together, Lager with Meyer Lemons, Cerveja Avos Collab

K-22 Organic Rotational Pasture-Raised Chicken, Bread Stuffing, Haricots, Perigord Truffle Vinaigrette
Devil’s Snare, Farmhouse Ale aged in Brettanomyces Barrels, 7.5%

Shaved Melon Ice Intermezzo

Tupelo Honey and Chèvre Labne Coeur à la Crème, Walnut and Rose Ma’amoul Crumbles
Raspberry Fields, Barrel-Fermented Farmhouse Aged on Raspberries, 8.5%


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