Black & Gold Ice Cream Special at LMT

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Sweeten up your Stanley Cup-watching experience with your very own very special scoop of ice cream at Lower Mills Tavern. From Wednesday, June 12th through Sunday, June 16th, the Dorchester spot will be serving (thanks for their friends and neighbors at The Ice Creamsmith) a special Black & Gold ice cream in honor of the Bruins. Comprised of double chocolate ice cream with a golden caramel swirl and gold M&M’s, this sweet treat will feel like your very own trophy (and it’s a lot easier to come by). Swing by for a scoop or two; it’ll be available for $5 from Wednesday to Friday and then as an ice cream sandwich (made with homemade chocolate cookies) on the weekend for $8. Call 857.267.4461 for more info or to reserve a table.

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