The Best Fish You’ve Never Had

Get to know a tasty new species or two at the 2014 Trash Fish Dinner at Area Four on Sunday, March 16th. Host chefs Michael Leviton and Jeff Pond, also of Lumière and A4 Pizza, have lined up some serious talent to help showcase some lesser known (but equally delicious) fishes on the evening’s multi-course menu – Carolyn Johnson and Katherine Hamilburg of 80 Thoreau, Larry Leibowitz of Guckenheimer, Barry Maiden of Hungry Mother and State Park, William Kovel of Catalyst, Samuel Monsour most recently of jm Curley, Josh Lewin of Beacon Hill Bistro and Cassie Piuma of Sarma. The dinner, which starts at 6:00pm, costs $125 per person (including beer and wine) and proceeds support Chefs Collaborative, a network of cookers working towards a better, sustainable food system. Tickets are available online, so grab a couple to see all the other yummy seafood options there are beyond tuna and cod.

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