Sting! Series Artist Reception

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Mix and mingle with the artists behind The Beehive’s 32nd exhibition in their ongoing series Sting! on Tuesday, February 11th. The peeps behind the creations — Alexi Cofield, Jon Cowan, Lynne Harlow, Cody Justus, Kathleen O’Hara, Roberta Paul, Caleb Neelon, Sneha Shrestha and Helena Wurzel — will all be on-site to unveil “Peace, Love and Understanding” along with curators Beth Kantrowitz and Jennifer Epstein. Expect live entertainment and lots of specials from the kitchen and behind the bar. There’s no cover charge, but plan on making a dinner reservation if you want to stick around before or after. Call 617.423.0069 to book your table at the South End spot. 

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