BBQ Sundays from Lincoln

Lincoln Tavern Instagram

The talented team at Southie’s Lincoln Tavern have added a special BBQ package to their Sunday offerings so you can add some fun to your summer weekends. Available for pre-order right up until Saturday evening at 7:00pm, the platters cost $50 and come with enough food for 2-4 people. The culinary offerings aren’t set in stone – they may change from week to week based on availability and chef Nick Dixon’s whim – but this week, for example, there’s crispy pork belly accompanied by sides like bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, smoked corn on the cob, and pepper jack bacon mac n’ cheese; and there’s bourbon peach cobbler for dessert. You can even add a growler of Night Shift Fluffinity IPA for $15. If that sounds like a pretty tasty way to spend your Sunday (this one or another upcoming one), just give Lincoln a call at 617.765.8636 (don’t forget: do it before 7:00pm on Saturday) to place your order and arrange pick-up.

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