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Bar menu items are now half-priced at Bambara between 5:00 and 7:00pm, every day. Check out executive chef David Bazirgan’s signature blend of American and Mediterranean flavors which includes dishes like Maine bluefin tuna crudo with taro chips, cherries and white soy, pork belly steam buns with kimchi, hoisin and Sichuan peanuts as well as lahmajun flatbread with lamb, dill and mint. For more information or to make a reservation call 617.868.444.

scotch egg
meguez, duck egg, harissa aioli 8.

house smoked salmon
hummus tartine, roe, perserved meyer lemon 12.

pork belly steam buns
house made kimchi, hoisin, sichuan peanuts 8.

teriyaki chicken wings
pickled ramps, jalapeño, furikake 10.

lahmajun flatbread
lamb, dill, mint, yogurt, lemon 12.

grilled hanger steak
fries, red wine demi, mixed greens 22.

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