Back to Cooking School

If the coming of September has given you the urge to buy school supplies, you’re in luck. Well, sorta. Replace the pens and notebooks with whisks and chef’s knives and then you’re ready. Get your back to school fix without all those pesky tests and homework with a little help from the Metropolitan College of BU’s seminars in food and cooking. Throughout the fall and early winter, would-be epicurean students can enroll in one-session intensive classes in the topic of their choosing. Learn the ins and outs of cocktails and bar food with Jackson Cannon and Jeremy Sewall of The Hawthorne; see how delicious a New England harvest dinner can be with Michael Leviton at Lumiere; learn to cook like a true Southern gent (or lady) with the help of Hungry Mother’s Barry Maiden; and get lessons in east meets west cooking from the Blue Ginger master himself, Ming Tsai. Times, location and prices vary so make sure you check out the BU website for details and to sign up. And don’t forget your lunch box.

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