Anthem Industry Night

On the first Tuesday of every month, Anthem invites restaurant industry professionals and hospitality staff from around the city to drop in for Industry Night. Bartenders, servers, bussers, cooks, host staff, hotel staff and anyone else who works in the hospitality industry can head to Anthem for a little late night respite from the demands of restaurant and hotel life. Starting at 11:00pm, Industry Night features complimentary appetizers from chef Robert Fathman’s menu of contemporary comfort food and a funky, custom-made mix of music that everyone can groove to. The next Industry Night, scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th, will coincide with the launch of Pearl Coco Vodka, the original coconut vodka and will feature Pearl Coco Cocktails in addition to the late night snacks. Call Anthem at 617.523.8383 for more information.

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