A Trio of Festive December Classes

Vine Pair

Listen up, bourbon buffs: The Smoke Shop is hosting a trio of whiskey classes at all three of their locations this December to get you in the holiday spirit with some spirits. Come whet your whistle with the good stuff on Monday, December 3rd at Smoke Shop Assembly Row for a Happy Pappy Holiday, where you’ll taste your way through the hard-to-find (easy-to-drink) Van Winkle lineup from 12 to 20 years and finish with a Sazerac Eggnog cocktail tutorial to keep your holiday party game on point. On December 4th (Seaport) and 5th (Kendall Square), Beverage Director Michael Boughton will lead a local Whiskey Class where you’ll sample distillates from around the city, try your hand at some Whiskey ‘Nog, and get treated to some holiday surprises from the crew. Tickets are $42 for the local classes and $150 for ol’ Pappy; click through below for yours.

Monday, December 3rdHappy Pappy Holiday at Assembly Row

Tuesday, December 4thWhiskey Class at Boston Seaport

Wednesday, December 5thWhiskey Class at Kendall Square

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