5 Courses, 3 Fishes, 2 Nights, 1 Birthday

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Three fishing seasons converge right about now and guess who’s ready to put all this local catch onto one fabulous prix fixe? Carolyn Johnson and her team at Mooncusser Fish House. The award winning Back Bay restaurant, which also happens to be celebrating its one year anniversary, will be running a five-course menu highlighting black bass, striped bass and bluefish on Friday, July 20th and Saturday, July 21st. Book a table to partake of the menu, which includes dishes like black bass crudo cucumber, mint oil and lemon balm, and striped bass with chanterelles, pommes Anna and summer truffle. It can all be yours for $85. It and a whole lot of wine can be yours for $155. See all the fishy offerings below and call 617.917.5193 for a table. Don’t forget to say happy birthday!

Black Bass Crudo 
Cucumber, mint oil, lemon balm
Riesling, FX Pichler ‘Federspiel’, Ried Burgstall 2016

Striped Bass Consomme
Smoked bluefish tortellini, cilantro, radish
Marsanne, Coursodon, ‘Silice’, St. Joseph 2012

Grilled Bluefish
Socca, squashes, peppers
Cinsault blend, Domaine du Bagnol, Cassis 2017

Striped Bass    
Chanterelles, pommes anna, summer truffle
Pinot noir, Fourrier ‘VV’, Gevrey Chambertin 2013

Goat Cheese Bavarian         
Summer berries, almond, elderflower
Viognier, Gaillard ‘Grapillage’ Vin de Raisins Surmuris 2017

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