Vicki Lee Boyajian

Vicki Lee Boyajian is a fierce proponent of leading by example both as a business owner and as a Pastry Chef. The pastry field is loaded with chefs at the high end whose own hand is needed to replicate their intricate art. Industry insiders know Boyajian as a designer of practical systems that allow her products to be produced reliably by apprentice staff. She is an alert and methodical trainer with a strong record of inspiring staff loyalty and multi year commitment. Boyajian aspires to elegant simplicity, and insists that her work should be interpreted as a teachable craft, not just as an art.

She is an active member of the local community with a son who went through the Watertown Public School System and is now in his senior year of college. Proud of her Armenian heritage and her exceptional reputation in the retail food industry, she looks forward to joining the likes of her grandfather and her mother in continuing to establish a long-term successful business in the Belmont-Watertown community and growing into Boston Proper.

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