Meghan Thompson

Hailing from Connecticut, Meghan Thompson could be found in her home kitchen baking alongside her Mother as early as six years old. In these moments, her passion for pastry flourished and she developed a clear vision for her future in the culinary arts.

Thompson soon pursued a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management from Newbury College. While attending college, she accepted a role at The Country Club in Brookline where she grew from prep cook to line cook and ultimately, Assistant Pastry Chef.

Thompson served as the opening Pastry Chef of Steel & Rye where she further developed her style, which is built on attention to rusticity, seasonality, and whimsy. At Townsman, she continued to hone her craft, creating handmade breads and desserts that showcase classic technique, yet still evoking that nostalgic feeling of eating your favorite dessert as a young child.

Now in the kitchen at SRV, Thompson bring his skill to bear on the South End restaurant’s Venetian-leaning dessert menu.

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