Fiore Colella

Originally from the Avellino area in Campania, Italy, chef Fiore Colella has spent just about his entire career on Hanover Street. After coming to the United States as a young boy in 1970, he and his family settled in Chelsea. He soon he began working at Mike’s Pastry Shop and he has been working in the North End ever since.

After a time, Colella began work at Cantina Italiana, the North End’s oldest restaurant. In 1980 when the restaurant was put up for sale, he bought it, realizing an opportunity to pursue his passion further by sharing his love and knowledge of Italian cuisine.

Finally in 2001, Colella opened Ristorante Fiore – an expression of the soul of his cooking.

Today, Colella indulges his passion for Italian cuisine in both a traditional way at Cantina Italiana, and a modern way at Ristorante Fiore. Whichever restaurant they choose, Colella’s diners will enjoy an authentic, personal experience.

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