Eric Swartz

Chef Eric Swartz, originally from Plymouth, Massachusetts began his culinary career at a young age, working in kitchens all over Cape Cod. His father was a restaurant manager and on weekends, Swartz would help out in the restaurant. By the age of six he had developed a love of cooking and by the age of ten, Swartz knew he belonged in the family business.

He worked odd jobs around the kitchen for little or no pay just to learn what was going on. “I remember climbing into giant pots, scrubbing them clean, the cleaner the better, and thinking what great fun that was. The grown-ups in the kitchen appreciated all the grunt work, but they must have thought I was nuts,” he recalls.

At the age of fifteen, Swartz got his first bona fide restaurant job at Station One in Plymouth, where he began as a dishwasher and worked his way to busser. He soon worked his way to Line and Prep Cook.

The owner of Station One, Mike DiGravio, realized the talent Swartz had in the kitchen and nurtured his cooking skills, even sending him to Napa Valley to explore new food ideas. From there he worked at several other restaurants on the Cape including The Cove and Fiores. In 1982, Swartz moved to the Boston area to attend Cambridge Culinary College and Bunker Hill Community College.

In 1988, Swartz came to Davio’s, working as the Sous Chef at the Brookline location. In 1996, Swartz transferred to the Davio’s on Newbury Street where he was promoted to Executive Chef. When Davio’s opened their Arlington Street location Swartz, with Chef Stephen W. Brown, took on the role of Co-Executive Chef.

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