Dolly Bourommavong

Born a southern girl in Falls Church, VA, Chef Dolly Bourommavong realized her love for cooking at the age of 15 in her mother’s kitchen, elbow deep in cookie dough and Rice Krispies Treats, “it just stuck,” literally and figuratively.

Bourommavong graduated from the Art Institute of Washington in 2006, with an accidental affection for pastry. Following her sweet tooth she took her first professional job at the Cheesecake Factory; not yet getting her hands in the dough, her daily work included peeling and chopping.

Bourommavong found herself in Massachusetts where she opened a small diner/café with a family member. She then moved on to work in downtown Haverhill at smaller restaurants, and later honed her culinary skills at a number of prestigious Boston restaurants. At Sel de la Terre she worked her way up the ranks to Executive Sous Chef; at L’Espalier she tried her hand at pastry; at Union Bar and Grille she spent two and a half years running the show as Chef de Cuisine; and at Metropolis in the South End, which she currently calls her professional home.

Gaining inspiration from pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner, Bourommavong saw her as a lifeline, admiring her avant garde style and ability to think outside of the pastry box. A vital source of mentorship came from chef Daniel Bojorquez who pushed Bourommavong, teaching her to become more open and a stronger leader.

When she is not strutting her stuff in the kitchen, Bourommavong enjoys quiet moments kayaking on the Charles River while the sun sets. She hopes to one day own a bed and breakfast, something quaint and out of the city. For now, Bourommavong’s current focus is to stay true to the basics of food, the background of food, the originality, the sustainability and the farm-to-table movement, which she swears she will never let die.

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