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The Basics: Sam's restaurant information


60 Northern Ave.
Boston, MA 02210

Sam's restaurant information
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Located above Louis Boston on Fan Pier, Sam's is a stylish little waterfront restaurant from Esti and Drew Parsons. The smartly appointed dining room, outfitted with aluminum diner tables, white leather banquettes and floor-to-ceiling windows, boasts spectacular 180 degree views of the Boston skyline and waterfront.

The menu, using the local bounty of New England's farms and artisans, combines the simplicity of an American diner with the endless and timeless appeal of the French Bistro menu.

A trend-setter for the Waterfront dining community in Fort Point Channel, Sam's is perched between the ICA and Moakley Courthouse (and just a short walk to the Boston Convention Center, World Trade Center, and Bank of America Pavilion). The restaurant is open throughout the day serving lunch and dinner as well as Sunday brunch. During the warmer months, seating is available on their wrap-around, 80-seat patio. They'll even pack a picnic for you to enjoy on their lawn or on the water, if you happen to arrive by boat.

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60 Northern Ave., Boston, MA 02210

Asia Mei

Chef at Sam's

Chef Asia Mei at Sam's

Born in Fremont, California, Chef Asia Mei grew up in an atmosphere where pursuing financial or technological careers were the norm. After earning a degree in Economics and Biology from Boston College, Mei soon learned the typical work setting was not for her and that her passions lay elsewhere, specifically in the culinary world. Since finding her way into the Boston restaurant scene, she's never looked back. As the newest addition to the kitchen at Sam's, a waterfront restaurant that boasts a menu of French/American bistro fare, refreshingly innovative atmosphere and the best Harbor views in the city, Mei will put her own spin on both East and West Coastal style cooking that will match the beautiful restaurant's aesthetic.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Mei was constantly exposed to different cultures and their food, and it was during her time at Boston College that she realized just how much she missed the tastes of home. After receiving her degrees from BC, she worked briefly as a stuntwoman in Los Angeles, but found her way back to Boston and into the city's bustling culinary world. She began her career at the revered Hamersley's Bistro, where she would leave as a Sous Chef four years later. Under the guidance of Gordon Hamersley, Mei excelled on the hot-line and formed much of the basis for her style of cooking with classical French technique and New England ingredients.  She would later further her love for the many possibilities of American cuisine working with the well-known Kinkead brothers at Sibling Rivalry as an Executive Sous Chef.

Despite her fondness for all things buttered and salted, Mei did the unexpected and took up post as head chef at the notoriously healthy and organic Whole Foods superstore. Over the next two years, she had the unique opportunity to broaden her tastes and round out her multi-cultural approach to bright, healthy flavors with which everyone can identify. She brought her newfound culinary acumen and energy to the Franklin Southie, where she was able to execute menus based on fun, fresh flavors.

Now, at Sam's, with the ability to further utilize local, quality ingredients, Mei will be able to continue to explore the delicious possibilities of a healthier diet based on fresh and organic values.

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