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255 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

Saloon restaurant information
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Inspired by iconic New York City pre-prohibition establishments, Saloon channels all sorts of old-timey cool – from its entrance (look for it underneath the blinking Davis Square Theatre sign) to its cocktail list (of-the-era whiskey-based drinks).

The stylish, underground dining room, located beneath sister restaurant Foundry on Elm in the heart of Davis Square, is all exposed brick and dark wood with cushy red leather banquettes lining the walls - the perfect clandestine spot for a bite to eat and a stiff drink.

The pared down menu, which is designed to be shared, combines historic American fare with contemporary favorites. The bar program focuses on brown liquors and local beers with a drink list that’s built around the classics.

News and Events at Saloon restaurant

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255 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144


at Saloon

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Wild boar with butternut and cranberry smash
at Saloon
1. noun A blend of ail (garlic) and oli (oil) in the parlance of the Provence region of southern France. Around here, we'd call it a garlic mayonnaise.
Beurre blanc
1. noun A thick sauce of butter, white wine and vinegar.
1. noun A wild and nutty mushroom with a trumpet-shaped head.
1. noun The French term for delicatessen-style items.
1. noun French for "goat," as in cheese.
1. noun Crumbly, spiced pork sausage.
1. noun Meat (usually goose, duck or pork) that is slowly cooked in its own fat and preserved with the fat packed around it as a seal.
1. noun Diced bacon that is blanched and fried.
Osso bucco
1. noun An Italian dish of braised veal shanks with white wine, onion, carrots, celery, and tomatoes.
1. noun A thick, seasoned stew of meat or fish, sometimes with vegetables.
1. noun Tomato and meat sauce from Bologna.
1. noun A cold mayonnaise sauce flavored with mustard, gherkins, capers, anchovies and herbs.
1. noun Italian dish made from rice cooked by intermittently adding small amounts of stock or broth. Other ingredients are added as required.
1. noun The combination of béchamel (white sauce of milk butter and flour) with pureed cooked onions.
1. noun Ground or finely chopped, seasoned raw meat (traditionally beef). May or may not come mounded, and with a raw egg.
1. noun An earthenware container, or the dish cooked therein.

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