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The Basics: East Coast Grill restaurant information

East Coast Grill

1271 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

East Coast Grill restaurant information
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East Coast Grill has a pretty straightforward philosophy: wicked fresh, local seafood; slow and low BBQ; and big bold flavors, in a professional yet casual environment. And it seems to be working for them. The casual Inman Square eatery has been bustling since 1985.

Brightly colored walls, whimsical light fixtures and tirelessly friendly staff give nightly dinner service and Sunday brunch a relaxed, upbeat vibe. But the lighthearted approach to the dining experience belies the seriousness with which they approach their cooking.

Despite an ownership change in early 2012, the restaurant upholds the standards of its original owner, James Beard Award-winning chef and cookbook author Chris Schlesinger, whose southern upbringing, beach bum days and pyromaniacal tendencies lay the culinary groundwork for the menu.

News and Events at East Coast Grill restaurant

East Coast’s Cinco de Mayo
East Coast Grill has a reputation for bringing the heat (Hell Night, anyone?), so their Cinco de Mayo celebrations are ...

Jazz Fest Comes to Cambridge
East Coast Grill brings the Big Easy to Inman this week with Jazz Fest-inspired specials from chef Jason Heard.

East Coast Grill Gives You Wings
The wing’s the thing at East Coast Grill on Monday, March 9th.


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1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Jason Heard

Chef at East Coast Grill

Chef Jason Heard at East Coast Grill

Chef Jason Heard started cooking as a young boy during summer vacations in his Grandmother Clarice's kitchen in College Park, Georgia. It was a rule in her house that if you were in her kitchen you had to be working, and his daily chores included prepping biscuit dough, and picking and cleaning okra, tomatoes, squash, peppers, peaches, melons and any other vegetable or fruit available in the family garden.

As the son of an US Army officer, Heard spent his school years in military bases all over the world, which led to his exposure to a variety of different foods, cooking styles and a taste for incorporating new ingredients and techniques into some of his favorite family recipes.

After a brief time with the US Navy, Heard moved back to Georgia and worked at local restaurants around Savannah and Atlanta before settling in Key West for an 11-year stint cooking at several Caribbean influenced restaurants.

In 2003, Heard made his first move north of the Mason Dixon line to Boston, where he got married and started a family. After three years of cooking in the city, he found his ideal opportunity at East Coast Grill, which combines his passion for BBQ and respect for Southern-based recipes and ingredients with creative incorporation of other cuisines and cooking styles from around the world.

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