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The Basics: The Butcher Shop restaurant information

The Butcher Shop

552 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

The Butcher Shop restaurant information
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A tribute to the old world European boucheries, The Butcher Shop is both a neighborhood wine bar and a full service butcher shop. Inspired by chef-owner Barbara Lynch's travels throughout France and Italy, The Butcher Shop is the perfect place to have a glass of wine along with a small bite or to linger over a meal.

In the back of the dining room, glass-front cases are stocked with house-made links of sausages and hot dogs, jars of rich demi-glace, slabs of foie gras, and exquisitely marbled cuts of local beef along with freshly prepared dishes from the kitchen. On the butcher block is an ever-changing selection of accoutrements which might include bottles of a favorite olive oil and freshly baked loaves of bread. A butcher is on hand daily to help select the perfect cut of meat, game or poultry and to offer at home cooking tips.

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552 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

Barbara Lynch

Chef at The Butcher Shop

Chef Barbara Lynch at The Butcher Shop

Her culinary talent is by now a given, but Barbara Lynch seems also to have a talent for success. How else did the hard-working girl from Southie create one of Boston's most highly anticipated restaurants - in the city's most affluent neighborhood?

Lynch's professional biography just might be the ultimate Boston success story, right up there with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Raised in the projects of South Boston, she is now perched at the top of Beacon Hill as proprietress of No. 9 Park, perhaps the toniest of the city's dining establishments.

Introduced to cooking in a high school home economics class, Barbara took jobs in restaurants all over Boston, working her way into some of the city's best kitchens and alongside two premier chefs - Todd  English of Olives and Michaela Larson of Rialto.

Such empowering practical experience translated to personal enrichment, as she sojourned to the kitchens of Italy and Southern France, further honing her European approach to cooking.

Upon her return to Boston, Lynch became Executive Chef at Galleria Italiana, turning the unknown, offbeat eatery into one of the city's best, and acquiring numerous accolades on both the local and national levels. Her name on the map, she began to focus on a restaurant of her own.

No. 9 Park opened to instant success and a tidal wave of critical applause. Its celebrated location across from the Boston Common and the Massachusetts State House lends the restaurant an air of historic venerability, as though it has been there for years. The same can be said for Barbara Lynch, a Chef who is already an institution, and a woman who knows the city from both sides of the tracks.

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En croute
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Foie gras
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