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The Basics: Blue Ginger restaurant information

Blue Ginger

583 Washington St.
Wellesley, MA 02482

Blue Ginger restaurant information
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Since opening its doors in 1998, Blue Ginger has been impressing diners from Boston and beyond with its harmonious combination of East and West. Designed by Ming and Polly Tsai in conjunction with a Feng Shui Master, the restaurant features an open kitchen, warm cherry woodwork, Italian granite floors and a soothing water sculpture. Diners can enjoy the theater of the open kitchen or focus purely on the innovative and East-West cuisine, which has earned Blue Ginger high praise from the Boston Globe, Esquire, Boston Magazine and the James Beard Foundation, which named Tsai 2002’s Best Chef Northeast.

News and Events at Blue Ginger restaurant

Napa Valley’s Finest Comes to Wellesley
Blue Ginger is showcasing some of the best Napa Valley wines on the market during a six-course wine dinner on ...

Wine-Lovers' Weekend
What’s more romantic than wine? This Valentine’s Day, you can treat your sweetie to sophisticated sips with the ...

Brunch for a Cause
Get out and give during Super Hunger Brunch on Saturday, January 24th and Sunday, January 25th—all you have to ...


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583 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482


by Pastry Chef Michele Fadden

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Strawberry rhubarb napoleon with lemongrass pastry cream, strawberry gelato and fresh strawberry salad
by Pastry Chef Michele Fadden
1. noun A blend of ail (garlic) and oli (oil) in the parlance of the Provence region of southern France. Around here, we'd call it a garlic mayonnaise.
1. noun The French term for delicatessen-style items.
1. noun An old Aztec favorite - gourd-like fruit with pale green skin and bland white flesh that can be eaten cooked or raw.
1. noun Crumbly, spiced pork sausage.
1. noun Slow-cooked fruit in syrup.
1. noun The Italian word for "little toasts" (referring to bread, not grappa).
Foie gras
1. noun Expensive, silk-textured goose or duck liver that has been enlarged by a process you don't want to read about if you're going to eat this dish.
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1. noun Ultra-rich, soft cheese known best for its role in tiramisu.
1. noun Coarse breadcrumbs used in Japanese cooking.
Panna cotta
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1. noun Italian dish made from rice cooked by intermittently adding small amounts of stock or broth. Other ingredients are added as required.
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1. noun Method of cooking foie gras by which it is placed in a towel (torchon in French) and poached.
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1. noun A tangy citrus fruit with flavorful rind.

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