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POSTED: December 22, 2014

Catalyst - Restaurant Supervisor

POSTED: December 22, 2014

West Bridge - Servers

POSTED: December 22, 2014

Cronin Group - Restaurant Manager

POSTED: December 22, 2014 - Boston Restaurnt Guide
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Belly Up to the Bar (Menu)

Davio’s is ready to be your new go-to, after-work watering hole. READ MORE »

Find Your Fave Wine at Brasserie 28

Brasserie 28 wants to help you fall in love with your new favorite wine - for just about every day of the week. READ MORE »

Grill 23’s (Lunch) Gift to You

Grill 23 & Bar gets into the spirit with the launch of their annual Holiday Lunch menu, available from Monday, December 8th through Tuesday, December 23rd. READ MORE »

C is for Commonwealth

Whether you’re throwing a party, going to a party, or simply enjoying a night in with Netflix, Commonwealth Market is bringing you closer to cookies. READ MORE »

Top Chef Dish from Barbara Lynch

The mastermind and master chef behind the BL Gruppo empire (which includes No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop, Sportello, Menton, Drink and Stir), Barbara Lynch will be joining Padma, Tom and Gail on tonight’s highly anticipated Restaurant Wars episode of Top Chef Boston. Before you turn on your TV, see what she had to say about how the Gruppo cultivates such strong competitors and why Boston’s such a great host city. READ MORE »

Nookie Talks Top Chef

Steve “Nookie” Postal was too busy this time last year to tune in to Top Chef – he was in the midst of opening Commonwealth Restaurant & Market. For season 12, with the show filming pretty much in his back yard, he got a spot in the dining room for the filming of Restaurant Wars and the chance to share his thoughts with Padma, Tom & Gail. See what he had to say about the experience and how it compared to his own reality TV stint and then see if you can catch a glimpse of him (and a few other familiar faces) on this week’s episode. READ MORE »

Moonshine 152, Coming Soon from Asia Mei

Chef Asia Mei is not afraid of a challenge. READ MORE »

Wine Time with Boston Wine Expo

Saturday, February 14th and Sunday, February 15th is a weekend for lovers—wine-lovers, that is—with the return of Boston Wine Expo to the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center. READ MORE »

Dine Well in December

If you and lunch have recently fallen out of favor (cold winds impeding your on-foot travel?) let No. 9 Park woo you back with their Holiday Lunch from Monday, December 1st through Tuesday, December 23rd. READ MORE »

Tiffani Faison's Take on Top Chef

If you tuned in to last week’s Top Chef you probably caught a glimpse of Tiffani Faison, chef-owner of Sweet Cheeks Q, making this season’s crop of chefs slog through a local cranberry bog. The barbeque guru, who made a name for herself on the first season of the show, has appeared on four other Top Chef specials and spinoffs so she’s got plenty of good advice for would-be cheftestants. READ MORE »

Tea on the Harbor

Afternoon tea, a long-standing tradition across the pond, comes to the Rowes Wharf Sea Grille. READ MORE »

Post-Thanksgiving Pizza at Tryst

By the time Monday, December 1st rolls around, you’ll be pretty much all turkey-ed out, which makes it the perfect time for pizza at Tryst. READ MORE »

Culture and Sweet Cakes

Dine like the Duchess of Cambridge with afternoon tea service at The Langham, Boston. READ MORE »

Give a Better Gift

In the season of giving, chef-owner Paul Turano of Tryst and Cook has set up a month-long fundraiser to support the children and families at Boston Children’s Hospital Hematology and Oncology Center. READ MORE »

The Gilsons Get Back to their Roots on Top Chef

Nearly 400 years after the Pilgrims crossed the Atlantic, Top Chef Boston celebrates Thanksgiving with an era-appropriate challenge – and they enlisted the help of Mayflower descendents (12th and 13th generation, respectively) Dave Gilson of the Herb Lyceum in Groton and his son Will Gilson of Puritan & Co. in Cambridge. We spoke to the Gilsons about what it was like enjoying Thanksgiving as their (literal) forefathers did, the farm-to-table movement and whether there are any more television appearances in their future(s). READ MORE »

Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Among the guests at Top Chef Boston’s Pilgrim-style Thanksgiving dinner: Ken Oringer of Clio, Toro and Coppa fame. The James Beard Award-winning chef joined fellow chef Will Gilson and farmer/proud father Dave Gilson at Plimouth Plantation for a meal prepared using only the ingredients and tools that would’ve been available way back in the day. Keep reading to find out what he made of the whole experience, and how he’d put the cheftestants through their paces if given the chance. READ MORE »

Cocoa to Beat the Cold

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Met Back Bay with the kick-off of their Boston Hot Chocolate Experience on Friday, November 28th. READ MORE »

Maki Mercredis

For a taste of the different and delicious, see what chef Chris Chung is rolling into rice on Wednesday Maki Madness at Aka Bistro. READ MORE »

Brunch Changes at Craigie & Kirkland

Fans of Craigie on Main’s brunch menu, book your table before the end of the year. READ MORE »

7 For $7 at Aquitaine

Lucky number seven just got even luckier at Aquitaine’s original storefront on Tremont Street. READ MORE »

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