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The Stars and Stripes, Reds and Whites

Join Journeyman this month as they tour the United States of wine with their American Spring dinner series.  READ MORE »

Baseball Bites at Bar Boulud

Chef Daniel Boulud has hot dog must-haves for Sox fans, starting Monday, April 13th. READ MORE »

Martini Mondays at The Bristol Lounge

The Bristol Lounge lets you unleash your inner James Bond with Martini MondaysREAD MORE »

Gals Night Out at BOKX 109

Get your girls together for a night of food, wine and fun at BOKX 109 American Prime. READ MORE »

Tuesdays with Tim Wiechmann

T.W. Food’s ongoing Tuesday night wine dinner series continues to deliver unique menus along with a globetrotting selection of wines. READ MORE »

Hühnerkebabs, Dolmas and Pjleskavica—Oh My!

Bronwyn continues to cook up culinary prototypes of the Eastern European persuasion and April has a full roster of experimental cuisine.  READ MORE »

All You Can Eat Chicken Tacos

Taco lovers listen up: The Biltmore just became your Taco Tuesday destination with their new all-you-can-eat chicken taco special.  READ MORE »

Munch on Lunch at Study

Kendall Square’s Study has added a smart mid-day lunch service for hungry food-lovers in the Cambridge area.  READ MORE »

Get Baking with Less Sugar

Joanne Chang’s third cookbook, Baking with Less Sugar: Recipes for Desserts Using Natural Sweeteners and Little-to-No White Sugar, may not officially hit the shelves until April 7th but you can swing by Myers + Chang to pick up a copy. READ MORE »

Vote for Best New Chef

On the heels of announcing their picks for the country's top ten Best News ChefsFood & Wine has opened the polls for The People’s Best New Chef so be sure to cast your vote for your favorite East Coast cooker before Wednesday, April 8th. READ MORE »

Maslow Makes the List

A round of applause to Massachusetts’ own Tim Maslow, named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs of 2015READ MORE »

Ward 8 Adds Lunch

On Wednesday, April 1st, Ward 8 debuts their brand new lunch service, available Mondays through Fridays from 11:00am-3:00pm.  READ MORE »

TR Street Foods Take Over

If you haven’t been able to get over to Tavern Road in the middle of the day, you’ve been missing out on Louis DiBiccari’s lunchtime takes on global street food at the adjacent TR Street Food – but those days are over (at least during April). READ MORE »

Vicki Lee’s Does Passover

Let Vicki Lee’s do the cooking for you this Passover with their take-away menu of holiday-appropriate dishes. READ MORE »

A Look at Loyal Nine

Chef Marc Sheehan, one quarter of the team of industry pros behind forthcoming East Cambridge restaurant Loyal Nine, took a moment out of his busy, getting-down-to-the-wire schedule to chat about the project: from the name, to the eats, to the bar and the café (which will debut a little down the line). READ MORE »

Last Call for Kitchen Pass Dinners at Ribelle

Don’t miss your chance to watch the inner workings of the Ribelle kitchen while you tuck into nine fabulous courses from Tim Maslow and team. READ MORE »

Springy Wine Tuesdays at Ten Tables JP

Learn about the whole wide world of wine without traveling further Jamaica Plain at Ten Tables JP‘s weekly wine dinner series. READ MORE »

Fireside Chats from Here to Summer

There’s a hint of spring in the air but there are still bound to be a few chilly afternoons – perfect for a Fireside Chat with Jim Solomon. READ MORE »

Wine Mondays Fit for Spring

The team at L'Espalier celebrates the arrival of spring with a whole new roster of seasonally-appropriate topics to explore at their on-going Wine Monday series. READ MORE »

Your New Favorite Spot in Pittsfield

Chef Brian Alberg of the Red Lion Inn has a new project in the works: Eat & Drink Kitchen & Bar at the super swanky, soon-to-open Hotel on North in Pittsfield. READ MORE »

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