Hungry Mother Tag Sale

Get one last taste of Hungry Mother at the former restaurant’s tag sale cocktail party on Sunday, August 23rd. From… Read more



Boston Chops’ Bubbly Brunch

Brunch and bubbles make a classy culinary pair at Boston Chops on Sunday, September 13th. Head over to the South… Read more


Boston Public Market Mixers

Besides bringing home bundles of fresh produce, you can also stock your bar with goods from the Boston Public Market. Three local vendors share recipes for moving their products from the plate to the glass. Read more

jack's abby

Lager Learning

Lagers take the limelight on Thursday, September 17th for an educational Jack’s Abby beer dinner at Bar Boulud. To complement the… Read more

australia vineyard

Wines from Kangaroo Land

Hop over to Mooo…. on Saturday, September 19th for a taste of South Australian wines from Hewitson winery. The kitchen will… Read more



Zucchini Pesto

It’s a busy time of year with everyone trying to eke out all the last bits of summer goodness while… Read more


Back to School at Stir

Stir, Barbara Lynch’s South End bookstore/cooking studio has made a few late additions to their late summer/fall line-up. Whether you… Read more