Wham, Bam, BBQ Lamb

Local chefs are getting their BBQ jam on with Lamb Jam Boston 2017. On Sunday, May 7th, six New England cookers will showcase their smoke-y skills for an afternoon barbecue bash. Chefs Tiffani Faison of Sweet Cheeks Q, Andy Husbands of The Smoke Shop, John Delpha of Rosebud, Lars Taylor of Portland’s Honey Paw, Pliny Reynolds of Portland’s Terlingua and Jake Rojas of Providence’s Providence will compete for the title of Lamb Jam Pitmaster. From 3:00-6:00pm, guests will get to taste the dishes alongside local beers and spirits – and cast their vote for the winner. Tickets are $75 each online here – including the food, drink and live music – and proceeds benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls food rescue mission. Gather your herd and get tickets here.

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