Pig Week 2017

pig week
Nueng Satima/Shutterstock

Go whole hog – piece by piece – when Pig Week returns to Bronwyn. Each night from Tuesday, January 17th through Sunday, January 22nd, chef Tim Wiechmann will be turning his culinary attentions to a different pig part for the evening’s featured dish. The Germanic-influenced plates, like schnitzel and roulade, are available for $22 each, plus a liter of beer for another $12. Call 617.776.9900 to make a reservation or head over after 5:00pm to get the day’s dish while it lasts.

Tuesday, January 17th – Head + Feet
pork feet terrine, cast-iron pancake, sour cream

Wednesday, January 18th – Belly
pork belly roulade, spätzle, maple syrup

Thursday, January 19th – Loin
bone-in pork chop, mushroom & kale knödel

Friday, January 20th – Leg
orange and juniper glazed ham, potato pasta

Saturday, January 21st – Shoulder
12 hour smoked pork shoulder, grilled apples

Sunday, January 22nd – Rib
pineapple glazed ribs, potato salat

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