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American Lamb Pro-Am. Sunday, November 6th at 3pm at the Hotel Marlowe

The Votes are in. Chef & Blogger pro-am teams

  • Autumn Lamb Roast
  • Chef Michael Scelfo of Russell House Tavern
  • Robin Cohen
  • Moroccan Style Lamb Chapati
  • Chef Mark Orfaly of Pigalle
  • Jacki Morisi & Meesh zippelli
  • Pumpkin Stuffed Lamb Roast
  • Chef Jay Silva of Bambara
  • Pam Aghababian
  • Roast Lamb Tacos
  • Chef Jason Cheek of KO Prime
  • Hatsie Haley

This Sunday's first annual American Lamb Pro-Am was a huge success as hoards of hungry lamb-lovers flocked to the Hotel Marlowe. While all four chef-blogger teams crafted some truly luscious lamb dishes, the popular vote gave the grand Pro-Am prize to Doves and Figs' Robin Cohen and Russell House Tavern's own lambassador Michael Scelfo for their lamb & apple sausage wrapped in lamb belly topped with apple pear cranberry conserve and cranberry mustard. Really though, with all that delicious lamb lying around, weren't we all winners? A hearty thank you to our sponsors and everyone who helped make the event a success and congrats to all the chefs and bloggers who weren't sheepish about crafting some truly tasty bites.

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You can check out photos from the event on the BostonChefs Facebook page, and be sure to stay tuned for more lambtacular events coming your way.


Read the winning blogger recipes...

Autumn Lamb Roast

Robin Cohen
Doves and Figs

My first thought was to make the typical spring lamb dinner that I enjoyed so much as a child.  The beautiful crimson-tipped trees and the bounty of fall fruits and vegetables at the farmers market convinced me instead to give my lamb a local autumn flavor …read more»

Roast Lamb Tacos

Hatsie Haley
Two Recipes

Some of you may not know this--well, all of you may not know this because I haven't said anything about it, but I did something in the Two Recipes triangle-kitchen that was huge.…read more»

Moroccan Style
Lamb Chapati

Jacki Morisi & Meesh Zippelli
Just add Cheese

We wanted to create a dish that incorporates unique flavors and reminds us of fall. We have both been on serious pumpkin kicks for the past couple weeks, so using it in our recipe was a no brainer. …read more»

Pumpkin Rice-Stuffed
Lamb Roast

Pam Aghababian
Cave Cibum

When Armenians say meat, they really mean lamb, and I can hardly think of a gathering of Armenians beyond my immediate family that hasn't include at least one type of lamb dish. …read more»

Check out all the fantastic recipes from all the round 1 competitors...

Three Peppers Lamb

Jacqueline Church

Upon being invited to join nine invited Boston bloggers for the inaugural American Lamb “Pro-Am Lamb” competition, I did what anyone in my shoes would do. I punted. …read more»

Lamb Potstickers

Sharon Sprague

I've never purchased lamb or made a lamb dish for my family. Ever. Until this week. …read more»

The Lamb Burger

Richard Chudy
Boston Burger Blog

Since it's pretty much all beef all the time at Boston Burger Blog, I ask, where's the love for lamb burgers? …read more»

Guinness Braised
Lamb Poutine

Katie Barszcz
Small Boston Kitchen

I've always thought of lamb as an underdog in the protein world full of steaks and pork and chicken; I think it's so much more versatile than people give it credit for …read more»

Guatemalan Lamb Tacos

Brian Knowles
The Gringo Chapin

“Guatemalans don’t eat lamb” was my initial reaction when I first read the invitation to participate in the first American Lamb Pro-Am …read more»

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